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What is Wellness ?

Wellness is a State of SELF where all its constituent elements: PHYSICAL, MENTAL,EMOTIONAL,SPIRITUAL and SOCIAL are in balance and optimal.


Our objective as an individual is to persistently maintain a state of wellness. Our state of wellness defines the quality of life we lead. 

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Constituents of Wellness 

1. Physical

Physical Wellness is the optimal health and functioning of our body. Physical wellness is the normal functional ability of the body. This includes a physical and functional ability of a person and also the normal internal workings of the human system. The food you consume, physical activity & exercise and the environment of your day-to-day living have a significant bearing on your physical wellness.


Why is Physical Wellness Important ?

Good physical health will enable you to 

  • perform your daily routine effectively

  • be functionally independent

  • perform activities which need physical stress and effort (example: Walking, Running , Climbing and even Sports)

  • feel good about yourself.

2. Mental

Mental Wellness is about the proper and normal functioning of the mind. It means that you are able to think, feel and act in a way to create a positive impact on your physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Mental wellbeing means that you are positive, confident, happy, well in control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviour.


Why is Mental Wellness Important ?

Good mental health enables you to

  • be confident and self-assured

  • cope with the stress and challenges of life

  • build positive relationships

  • perform productive worka

3. Emotional

Emotional Wellness is about being in control of our emotions. It is about understanding and acknowledging both positive and negative feelings and being able to handle them, express them responsibly. Emotional well-being brings the ability to channelize life experiences into learnings to make effective decisions. It is a parameter of mental health, but we called it out separately because it is a critical aspect of wellness, particularly in the context of chronic and critical diseases like cancer.


Why is Emotional Wellness Important ?

Good mental health enables you to

  • be in-charge of your emotions and manage them

  • communicate effectively

  • relieve stress, anxiety, depression

  • empathize with others

4. Spiritual

Spiritual Wellness is our internal compass of the mind. It is about seeking and exploring a deeper purpose of your life, values and systems that bring more meaning to your life and act as the guiding compass for the decisions you take. It is not about religious faith.

Why is Spiritual Wellness Important ?

Spiritual wellness enables you to

  • appreciate your life experiences the way they are

  • Keep harmony with your self and everyone else around you

  • Inspires purposeful actions

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