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Gut Reset Program

Personalized 2 week program to help you focus on gut health & detox.

Service Description

The GUT RESET Program is a personalized program with our expert nutritionist, Ms. Shikha Kothari, our expert holistic nutrition coach. The program focuses on helping you understand role of gut in the body and why it is important to keep the gut healthy. In 1 - 1 interactions with Shikha, you will get guidance on the diet corrections you may need, the right kind of foods based on your overall health context and body type. The consulting session will help you identify and fix the nutrition gaps in your dietary routine, with specific focus on maintaining good gut health. Improper digestion and poor gut health may lead to chronic and even serious health issues. Making a conscious choice of what you feed your body largely determines the gut ecosystem of your body and the nutrient level. This program will help you rebalance and be proactive about your own health. You will get - Your personal DIET PLAN - Your personal recipe book with detox recipes curated specifically for you. Who Should Participate ? Any adult can participate. Program Structure The Program will have 3 personal sessions 1. Introduction and understanding of health context. Action Plan for Week 1. 2. Review and Action Plan for Week 2. 3. Final Review and Action Plan The language for communication is English or Hindi. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can book your first appointment with Ms. Shikha and then make payment to book your participation in the program. PROGRAM STARTS APRIL 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO BOOK VIA WHATSAPP a. Send a Message to 98800 48094 in the following format GUT RESET <your name> <your email> b. We will send out a payment link for the program c. We will send out a message of a confirmed booking on payment confirmation.

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