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  • What is ANVAY ?
    ANVAY is a social enterprise focussed on supporting families fighting cancer and enabling people fighting cancer to have the best quality of life.
  • What kind of support does ANVAY provide ?
    The following are the major support pillars that we offer Curated Care Services and Holistic Healing Programs Curated Products (recommended by our community and doctors) [ Coming Soon ] "ASK THE EXPERT" Interactive online sessions with doctors, therapists and care practitioners. Curated Videos, Articles and other Resources for effective care & management. Personalized connect with other cancer fighters and cancer survivors to share experiences.
  • How does it work ?
    ANVAY works for the community of people fighting cancer or people who have recovered from it. Our services, products and resources are available to our members. Step 1:Sign Up with ANVAY and join the community. We are offering FREE membership for a limited period of time. Step 2: Explore services, resources, and Ask The Expert sessions, Connect with fellow members or ask the ANVAY team for specific introductions.
  • Who should join the ANVAY community ?
    The ANVAY community is best suited for a. People suffering from Cancer. b. People in remission / have recovered from cancer c. Family members, who are caregivers to someone in the family, suffering from cancer. d. People with some chronic issues, but NOT CANCER, who would like to take proactive steps to reduce their cancer risk.
  • What is the benefit of participating in the ANVAY Community ?
    ANVAY, as an organization, works to continually discover the CANCER CARE Ecosystem across the globe and enables access to the multitude of support services, products, practitioners, doctors, healing methods and authentic information required for effective care and management. As a member of the community, you can benefit from the curated and validated set of products, services and resources.
  • How do I participate in the community ?
    You can simply sign up. For a short period of time, we are offering a free membership to the community.
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