ANVAY is a social enterprise with an aim to improve the overall quality of life of families fighting cancer. ANVAY provides support and assistance to make it easier for cancer fighters to manage the multitude of challenges in the journey of healing from cancer. The following are the core areas of support which help cancer fighters and their care givers. 


  • Curated Care Products 

  • Curated Care Services & Personalized Care Programs

  • Connect With Doctors & Holistic Health Practitioners

  • Cancer Community for Experience Exchange

  • Authentic Information On Care & Management

  • Self Health Management Tools

ANVAY is a members - only platform.  The ANVAY team continuously adds products, services, content, authentic information for the benefit and wellbeing of its members.


To participate, please simply sign up and join the community.


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ANVAY aims to improve the quality of life of cancer fighters, cancer thrivers and their family care givers with authentic products & care services, genuine support, information and a place to find your community.  


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